You will absolutely love the Lotus Kitchen – Cucumber Mint Salad. It’s so refreshing in so many ways, from a main dish on a warm day, to a light palette refresher.  This recipe and more is from my collection of vegan recipes from my upcoming book, the Lotus Kitchen with co-author Gwen Keannelly that combines good vegan eats with a yoga practice.




4 cups chopped cucumber (3 medium sized cucumbers)
2 cups fresh mint leaves, de-stemmed
1 cup fresh cilantro, de-stemmed
1 cup lime juice
1/3 cup grape seed oil
1 cup fresh yellow cherry tomatoes
Raw macadamia nuts, chopped
Fresh basil

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and serve. Serves 4

The Practice: The cucumber is the most perfect food for hydration, nutrients and releasing weight. The practice of yoga also helps release weight and unwanted heavy energy. One of the effects of yoga is building heat within, and allowing the body to sweat out everything we do not need. To balance the body, take the time to hydrate with water and cucumbers.

Mindful Eating Practice: This practice is to be aware that the salad is hydrating, nurturing, and creating a healthy body. With each bite be aware of the water of the cucumber that is hydrating the body. Be mindful of each quenching morsel that is blessing your mouth. Feel the energy that the salad is stimulating within the body. The vibration that is delivered from the food is helping to elevate the vibration of the soul. During the ritual create an affirmation that helps remind you that eating is a practice. For example, “I know my mind, body, and spirit are strong as I eat my cucumber salad.”